Createbot is one of the brands of Yueqing Kanin Electric Co., Ltd., which takes the lead in entering the 3D printing field in China. At present, the Createbot has 7 professional 3D printers assembly lines, 3 professional filament production lines, annual output of 3D printers is 11000 units, daily output for filaments is 400 kg, annual output is up to 60000 kg. With professional R&D department, precise materials formula, and strictly control of the production process, Createbot regards high standards of products and inspection standards as the first requirements for the development of company, to ensure the stable quality of 3D printers and the consistency of the filament diameter. It is founded the key that the Createbot product quality is above the industry average.
Until March 2018, Createbot has provided 3D printers and consumables for 3D printing maker education in more than 200 schools in China, which have been well received by these schools. It has also been exported to 72 countries, including the United States, South Korea, Russia, France, Germany and South America.

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